In-Dash Clock

OK, so the title is a LITTLE misleading. The clock isn't exactly "in" the dash. But it is ON it!

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

My poor Casio wristwatch bit the dust when I whacked it with my racquet while playing racquetball. Not only did I break one of the watchband pins in half, but one of the plastic pin holes was stripped and wouldn't hold a new pin properly.

After carrying my watch in my shirt pocket for too many weeks, I decided to get a new one for my wrist. That freed up the old one to go on my motorcycle!

I found some adhesive-backed Velcro lying around the house, and cut a piece of it to fit the watch. I attached one half of the Velcro to the back of the watch...
...and the other half to the tachometer on my GS500E. It covers up the "x1000", but I don't really need the reminder anymore.
All that remained was to push the watch onto the tach.

Before the watch-smacking mishap, I used one of those cheapo $3.00 watch-sized, stick-on digital clocks meant for use on a car dashboard. Unfortunately, I had to replace it just about every time I forgot and left it out in the rain.

In the long run, mounting my "water-resistant to 50M" Casio was a cheaper alternative for me. I still try to remember to pull it off when it looks like rain, but I probably don't need to.

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