Cow Trip Redux!

These digital photographs are from my second attempt (14 July 2001) to ride a 300-mile "circle" to the North and East of my home in Orem, Utah. The first attempt, on 16 September 2000, was rudely interrupted by a cow that decided to cross the road while I was hanging out in the left lane passing a string of cars....

The route was as follows:

The photos as you see them here are reduced to a 160x120 pixel format. Just click on a picture to see a larger (640x480 pixel) version. Almost all of the photos were originally taken in a 4 times larger format (1280x960 pixels). I reduced them to conserve space and download time, even though the clarity suffered because of it. If you want to see the FULL-size photos, let me know!


Waiting to get onto I-80 Westbound (#3 on the map)
Heading up East Canyon - just before the turn to Emigration Canyon (#4 on the map)
Looking back down East Canyon to I-80
A little further on - looking back down some switchbacks
One corner of the reservoir in East Canyon
The west end of the dam holding back the reservoir (#5 on the map)
The east end of the same dam
Another view of the dam
"Turnaround shot" south of Morgan - looking back the way I came
Interesting chapel on the main road into Morgan (#6 on the map)
Pioneer cabin on the opposite side of the chapel parking lot
What the historical marker says
Roadside shot heading east out of Huntsville (#8 on the map)
Same spot, closer up
Fifty yards further on, looking downstream
A hint of weather to come
Just before the Middle of Nowhere - looking back
AHA! The Exact Middle!
Another look at the weather to come
Jake Maring & Steamboat - between Woodruff, UT and Evanston, WY
Everyone's favorite place to eat while on the road (in Evanston, WY -- #10 on the map)
Roadside shot, heading south out of Evanston
Same shot with more context
Impending Doom! The storm in the Uintas that I'm heading for. "Thar's RAIN in them thar hills!"

I stopped here to pull on my yellow PVC rain gear. (You get to see it later on.)

Sure enough, I rode through several minutes of downpour. The rain fell so fast that it was hard to see through the faceshield. And the sleet started collecting on my tank bag's rain cover.

I encountered another motorcyclist coming from the other direction. Actually, he had pulled off the road to wait out the storm. The poor guy looked miserable; he didn't have a stitch of wet weather gear, and he was getting SOAKED.

After the rain & sleet - on the way up
Where the road curves around Mirror Lake
On the far side of Mirror Lake (#11 on the map). This lake is at an elevation of about 10,000 feet.
Same spot, but with Yours Truly in the picture
Almost to the top - looking back
Same parking area - looking west at Bald Mountain. According to the sign, the top is "Elev 11,943"
The "high point" of the trip - Bald Mountain from the south
Roadside shot just down from the top - looking west
Shot of Provo River Falls from the parking lot. It's a lot more impressive from close up, at the bottom of the 70-yard trail.

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