Installing Tourmaster Cortech Saddlebags & Tailbag
on a (pre-'01) Suzuki GS500

So you bought yourself a nice, interlocking set of Tour Master Cortech luggage, and you're wondering how to mount it all on the bike?

Let's start with the saddlebags.
Each saddlebag has two Velcro straps that "throw" over the seat; a wide strap in the back, and a thinner strap in the front. I position the right-side saddlebag and its rear strap first.
Then I position the left-side bag and lay its rear strap over the first one.
With the rear straps taken care of, I position the front straps. This time the left-side strap goes down first, with the right-side one on top. From this point on the bags will pretty much stay in place on their own, and you will have both hands free to do the rest of the procedure.
If you don't feel like cutting the straps to length (even after you have found the "perfect" position for mounting the bags) then try this trick: Roll up the loose end of the two strap pairs and tuck them out of the way...
... for a more "clean" look, and to make it more convenient to get into the main bag compartments.
If you did everything "right" so far, you should have plenty of clearance in between the stock exhaust pipe and the heat shield on the underside of the right-hand saddlebag
Now that the bags are in the right position, you need to make sure they STAY there. That's what these 4 loops and clip receivers are for
This is the general method used to "attach" the loops to the bike.
I found that the passenger footpeg hangers were a good place to mount the front pair of loops. Here you see the right-hand loop mounted anad about to receive the front clip from the saddlebag.
And here is the final look for the front loops. If you'll be hauling a passenger you may want to attach the loops to the rear leg of the "V" formed by the footpeg hanger, rather than the front leg.
The best place to attach the rear loops (indeed, just about the ONLY place) was to the passenger grab handle.

With the saddlebags anchored in place you're "good to go". You could use bungee cords to strap extra luggage (tent and sleeping bag, large duffle, or whatever) onto the seat, resting on the Velcro straps.

But just in case you have the matching Tour Master Cortech tailbag ...
... check out the 4 familiar clips that snap right into the saddlebags
Place the tailbag on the seat, on top of the Velcro saddlebag straps. Look closely at the saddlebags until you spot the "hidden" clip receiver pockets.
Push each clip into the receiver until it clicks ...
... and you're done!
OK. Now let's pretend that you have arrived at your motel or campsite.

First, detach the tailbag by pressing on the sides of each clip receiver pocket. Lift the bag off of the bike. Then unclip the 4 loops for the saddlebags and lift the saddlebags off of the bike.

Unless you're paranoid, leave the loops attached to the bike.

You COULD just sling the saddlebags over your shoulder, but I recommend joining the 2 handles ...
... so you can turn 2 bags into 1.


PS - You can use the Tour Master Cortech tailbag even without the saddlebags. It has a hidden pair of bungee cords with hefty plastic hooks on each end. I usually hook them to the "mushroom studs" on the subframe below the seat.

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