2004 - Winter Ride from Globe, Arizona to Orem, Utah

In December 2004 I flew to Phoenix, Arizona so I could ride a motorcycle back home to Orem, Utah. I had bought a Suzuki GS500E (my 3rd) from GStwin.com member Ed_in_Az who lives in Globe.

Here is a map of my return trip, as rendered by Microsoft Streets and Trips 2002...

...and an elevation profile of the trip, as rendered by DeLorme Topo USA 4.0

Click on the following links for maps, narrative, and pictures of each portion of the trip.

Preparations (Under construction)

Day 1: December 27 - Flying from Utah to Arizona

Day 2: December 28 - From Globe to Moab

Day 3: December 29 - From Moab to Orem


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