East of Here

A 200-mile loop on June 11, 2005

Vivian Park - Deer Creek Reservoir - Heber City - Strawberry & Starvation Reservoirs - Duchesne - Tabiona - Hanna - Wolf Creek Pass - Francis - Jordanelle Reservoir - Midway

Map Point 1: "Ready for departure" from my home in Orem, Utah.

Map Point 2: Vivian Park, in Provo Canyon, is the turn-around spot for the Heber Creeper railroad tours that originate in Heber City. I happened to come along as the engine was moving from one end of the train to the other, to hook up for the return trip.

Map Point 3: On the way uphill to Daniel's Pass I experienced some fuel starvation symptoms. Without pulling over, I flipped the fuel switch to PRIme for a minute or so, and then back to ON. I had no more problems for the rest of the trip.

As I first approached Strawberry Reservoir I saw that it was raining heavily 2 or 3 miles ahead. By the time I got my gear on and closed the distance, the showers had moved off to the north!

The photo shows one of the "littler" views of the reservoir, after I had passed the main bulk of it.

Map Point 4: Starvation Reservoir Rest Area

Since this was a fairly short trip, I thought I would take the time to field-check some of my long-trip equipment. The small state park a few miles before Duchesne (pronounced "doo-shane") was the perfect spot for it. The upper left of the photo shows the road I had just ridden down.

This is the picnic table that I chose NOT to use, just because it was farther from the bike.

After stowing my rain gear and putting some rice and green beans on the stove, I wandered around and took some pictures.

While the members of the Second Continental Congress were making their way home after signing the Declaration of Independence, a couple of Spanish Catholic-priests-turned-intrepid-explorers were blazing trails in the greater Four Corners area. Fathers Domingue and Escalante came right through here....

Dinner's Ready! I call this one "Eating at the point of Starvation".

Map Point 5: After my meal I stopped in Duchesne to fill my fuel tank. I also picked up a SLUG of cool maps at the Duchesne County Welcome Center. I took this picture a few miles north of town, before turning west.

Map Point 6: Heading upstream along the Duchesne River. I'm always impressed at how much cultivated land exists between the walls of rock on either side of the narrow valley.

Map Point 7: Huh? A real head scratcher!

A short distance up the road. How safe would YOU feel if you had stored, say, a stable of motorcycles in that shed?

Map Point 8: Approaching Hanna. A nice little RV park in the middle of nowhere, next to the Duchesne River.

Various looks at the red rocks in the area:

I wouldn't want to walk under that contraption either!

Map Point 9: Starting up Wolf Creek Pass, on 3- or 4-year-old asphalt.

Map Point 10: Just beyond the high point of the pass.

Map Point 11: Near the western end of the new pavement. This was one of those times when I thought to myself, "Hey, that looked pretty cool! Should I turn around and take a picture, or just keep going?" Guess what I decided....

Map Point 12: A few miles after the previous photo I could see that I was heading back into some rain, so I stopped to don my Frogg Toggs again. Sure enough, the drizzle started near Francis and came down more or less steadily for the remaining 40 miles of the ride. This last photo shows a view along the eastern arm of Jordanelle Reservoir.

And when I got home? Let's just say that I need to waterproof my boots a little better next time....

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