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Randy and Kerry's 2002 Trip to British Columbia

DAY 1: From Home to Ely, NEVADA

WEDNESDAY, 22 May 2002

I'm writing from another KOA Kampground, this one being just east of Ely, Nevada. Randy and I hoped to get a bit farther today, but getting packed this morning and afternoon seemed like it would never end. Instead of staying up late to pack, I opted for sleep. Imagine that! I got up about 7:30, hoping to leave by 10:00. We didn't ride away until 3:00, and we didn't actually get out of Orem until almost 3:30 (we went to Sinclair for gas & air, and to Zion's Bank for cash.)

It rained most of the day while we packed. We made a quick trip to Park's Sportsman for a large MSR fuel bottle, and then went over to Monarch Honda to see if they had a balaclava for Randy. No dice. By the time we finally left...

... Sue was getting ready for Achievement Day.

Heading down I-15 toward Santaquin the sky was looking really ugly again. Mt. Nebo was getting rained/snowed on, and the front line was heading our way. We had some light rain fall on us from Santaquin to Eureka, and that was it. It could have been a lot worse. We stopped in Eureka at the old headstock next to the road. [No picture! Aargh!] It was used long ago in getting things into and out of the silver(?) mine there. Our next stop was Delta, where we filled up. Then we headed even deeper into the Great Basin, and got to see some coal "formations" - not the usual multicolored Southern Utah stuff, but neat mountainsides with interesting shadows.

By the time we reached the "Welcome to Nevada" sign it was getting pretty cold.

We decided to continue on to Ely and look for nearby camping facilities. We found this KOA a few miles before we found Ely! After setting up Randy's tent we went into Ely for dinner at Arby's, and filled up at a gas station in the "downtown" area. By then it was 10:00 (Nevada time). Back at the campground I called Sue, and she told me what an unexpectedly good time she had had while playing her "Budget Game" with the girls at Achievement Day. Since then Randy & I have been getting ready for BED.

Miles covered today: 265
Total miles covered: 265


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