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Randy and Kerry's 2002 Trip to British Columbia

DAY 4: From the WEST COAST to Bend, OREGON

SATURDAY, 25 May 2002

Today started out with a $5.25 KOA breakfast, with eggs, sausage, orange juice, and all-I-could-eat pancakes (which turned out to be 3). Randy had showered before I even woke up, and he did the laundry while I showered and otherwise got ready. Eventually we left the KOA just a couple of minutes after checkout time. Oh, someone came to fetch me in an electric cart because my Capital One Visa card number was refused! They swiped the actual card and it was still refused. Grrrrr. So I paid with my Zions Bank Visa and resolved to call Capital One the next time we filled up. I did so, and they just wanted to make sure I was the person using the card, because charges and attempted charges had been pouring in from several states!

Randy and I rode up Highway 101 along the California coast, from Eureka/Arcata to Crescent City. A little over halfway we stopped to take some pictures of the ocean and the coastline.

A hitchhiker walked up from the opposite direction carrying a large umbrella and some other items in one of those paper sacks with carrying handles. He said he was going from Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California but that he was having better luck getting rides than getting food. He asked if I could spare some food or money. I told him I wasn't doing very well in the food department at the moment either, but I handed him $3.00. In retrospect, I should - of my abundance - have "cast in" more like $20. "Are we not all beggars?"

At Crescent City we headed northeast, back over the mountains on Highway 199.

There were plenty of curves in the road, but not for as long as on 299 last night. That was OK with me - some curves are fun, but too many all at once really gets to my wrists and elbows. We stopped to take pictures of the "Welcome to California" sign as we left California, because we neglected to stop as we entered California yesterday.

We also took pictures of a "Welcome to Oregon" sign. It was as nondescript as a regular highway sign.

After we got all packed up and moving again, we saw the "real" Welcome to Oregon sign, which had an outline of the state and looked much more like what you would expect. But we had already used up too much time so we didn't stop. Maybe we'll get a picture of one as we leave Oregon.

When we got to Grants Pass in Oregon we stopped at a Burger King for a 4:00 lunch. A little further on we stopped at a '76' gas station to fill up. I proceeded as usual, and was already putting gas in my tank when an attendant showed up and made some comment about serving myself, which was OK. Later on, after skirting Crater Lake (which isn't entirely open yet)...

... we stopped at a gas station in La Pine. The attendant there helped us get the credit card going (which we didn't need help with). He told us that, by Oregon law HE had to swipe my credit card in the pump, and hand [the nozzle] to the customer, who could do the actual pumping. Crazy...!

Anyway, we continued into Bend, Oregon and stopped at a Wal-Mart to look for an LDS unit in the phone book that we could attend church with tomorrow (we found a whole stake in Bend, and another in Redmond, but the only numbers were for the bishops' and stake presidents' offices. We also did a little food shopping so we won't need to buy any food on Sunday. By now it was dark, so we went in search of the Motel 6 in town - only to find it and every other motel in town sporting NO Vacancy signs. Well, there was a "no name" motel that claimed to have one non-smoking room with one bed ... for $99 plus tax! Gulp. We kept going and found our way to this former KOA Kampground, called Bend Kampground.

Dinner was Dinty Moore Beef Stew, ancient Swiss Miss cocoa, and a can of peaches. Dessert was a Pop Tart with milk. We tried to get everything ready for tomorrow so we can get to church with a minimum of fuss. We'll see....

Miles covered today: 377
Total miles covered: 1375


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