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Randy and Kerry's 2002 Trip to British Columbia

DAY 5: Madras -- The Dalles -- Yakima River -- Ellensburg, WASHINGTON

SUNDAY, 26 May 2002

This morning we got our earliest start so far - we were out of the campsite by about 9:20! However, our head start was eaten up pretty quickly by the Church meetings we attended at the Bend stake center on Thompson? Street.

We were too late for the Mountain View ward's 9:00 sacrament meeting, so we went to their Gospel Doctrine class and then attended sacrament meeting with the Canyon Crest(?) ward at 11:00. What with changing back into our riding clothes, taking pictures (sigh), etc. we didn't get on our way until after 1:00.

We rode through Redmond, OR and to the next good-sized town (Madras) before stopping for lunch at a small park.

We had a cup of Maruchan noodles each, and I ate a Pop Tart as well.

We had fun watching some kids from the apartment row across the street have a water fight.

I had Randy go in front as we left Madras, and somehow both of us missed the signs. We ended up on U.S. 26 heading for Mt. Hood (!) instead of on low, flat, U.S. 97. We figured it out and turned back to catch 197 into The Dalles, where we filled up.

Then we took I-84 up the Columbia River until we U.S. 97 again, and we took it across the bridge. We stopped to take pictures of the "Entering Washington" sign and the Columbia River Gorge...

...and then it was my turn to make a navigational error. I missed the sign to Yakima and took us 10 miles up the river before realizing my mistake. Aaargh! 20 minutes wasted! We eventually went through Toppenish, Wapato, and Yakima before arriving at the KOA Kampground in Ellensburg.

(What a beautiful, green valley it is - there was a wonderful view of it from I-82 as we descended from a pass.)

As usual, we got one of the last tent sites. Dinner was chili and fruit cocktail - with another Pop Tart "chaser" for me. We're trying to make it to British Columbia tomorrow, so hopefully we can get up and out early.

Miles covered today: 318
Total miles covered: 1693


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