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Randy and Kerry's 2002 Trip to British Columbia

DAY 6: Wenatchee -- Omak -- Osoyoos, BRITISH COLUMBIA

MONDAY, 27 May 2002

Today was Memorial Day - a day aptly named. Besides the meaning of the holiday, I mean...several things happened that I will not soon forget.

We got a good start from the Ellensburg KOA. When I went to call Sue on my TracFone --- I couldn't find it! I must have left it in Bend, Oregon. All I can think of is that I put it on top of a pay phone at the WalMart for who knows what reason. I wonder if it's still there...? [After I got home I called the WalMart in Bend, Oregon and they located my phone in their Lost & Found bin. They sent it to me at no cost. It still had a good charge when it arrived!]

Then, pulling into another WalMart - in Wenatchee this time - I tried to pull through a too-thin space between two cars. I forgot about how wide the bike is with the saddlebags on! Result: one of the bags hooked a front bumper on one car and pushed the bike over on its side and into the lower side panel of a van. My windshield and right mirror were rearranged, but nothing broke. Unfortunately, a short and shallow crease was inflicted on the van's panel. Randy & I did some food shopping (after he helped me get the bike upright), and he "refilled" his calling card while I bought one to partially replace the TracFone. We went out with our stuff and started adjusting the bike parts. Meanwhile, the family that belonged to the van came out and started getting in. We told them about the accident, and they were appreciative that we did. I gave them my insurance info and my address & phone number, and he gave me his phone number in return. He's supposed to get some sort of estimate on the damage and let me know.... [Add in pictures and text about Twisp and Pateros.]

At about 3:00 in the afternoon we were still doing great timewise. With less than an hour to the Canada border we stopped in Omak, WA to get gas. Randy went first for a change and I filled up 2nd. Forty-nine miles later we had crossed into British Columbia...

... and gone about 4 miles to downtown Osoyoos. We went to a bank with a 24-hour ATM inside, the idea being to get some Canadian cash. I went for the Capital One Visa card - and couldn't find it anywhere! Great....

I went across the street to a pay phone and used my new calling card to make a bunch of phone calls. I called Sue to get my credit card number and the Capital One customer service phone number. Then I called Capital One to have a temporary hold placed on the card. Then I started using a phone book (that Randy got from a lady in a copy center) to start calling gas stations in Omak. I finally found the right gas station and asked if anyone had turned in my card. The guy said he had found [it himself] out in the parking lot. YES! So, we went back for it - 49 miles each way. I had to make more phone calls when I got it, and I had trouble at the pump the 2nd time I tried to use it - to fill up Randy's bike again (after mine.) On the way back to Canada Randy wanted to stop and take pictures of a 37-acre piece of land for sale, with its own "lake". He figured Dad would get a kick out of the place.

We also took a picture of an LDS chapel about 2 miles south of the B.C. border on Hwy 97.

In the end, it took 4 hours from the time we first entered Canada to the second time. OUCH!

We went back to the same bank and got $80 (Canadian) with my Zions bank card, because I don't know the PIN number for my Capital One card. Sigh...after all that! Then across the street again to call Sue and Betty-Lu. By this time the sun was about down and it wasn't worth trying to push on. We went and looked at Haynes? Point Provincial Park, but decided against it because of the gravel ground, the threat of rain tonight, and the mosquitos. We ended up in a motel (Yay!)...

...and we met a Church member from Calgary who's here to shoot a golf training video (!?). We ate at an A&W and picked up some postcards for Randy at a Husky gas station.

Miles covered today: 321
Total miles covered: 2014


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