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Randy and Kerry's 2002 Trip to British Columbia

DAY 9: Idaho Falls -- Salt Lake City, UTAH -- HOME

THURSDAY, 30 May 2002

I'm writing this while lying on my own bed - at HOME! What with getting rained on at the campground in Salmon, Idaho this morning and having to move all of our stuff under a pavilion; and having to do laundry and other things, we didn't get our of town until about 1:45 PM. Yikes, what a late start! On top of that, our choice to take Idaho 28 instead of U.S. 93 brought us to 3 consecutive stop-and-wait, one-lane-at-a-time road work areas. By 3:00 we had only traveled 52 miles. Ouch. (We crossed the 45th Parallel in there somewhere.)

Things got better when the road work ended. The highway brought us gently out of the mountains, and we only got rained on a few times! When the land leveled out and we pulled away from the mountains, it got pretty warm and we had to contend with a wicked crosswind coming up from the south. Eventually we switched to Highway 33 (and almost went the wrong direction) and then to Interstate 15. Then, heading south, the crosswind became a "killer" headwind. My bike went on reserve almost 30 miles earlier than usual, so we took an Idaho Falls exit and refilled the tanks and ate at McDonald's. I called Sue to tell her to expect us between 10:00 and 11:00 tonight, and off we went again.

In Pocatello we saw a "Church complex" of buildings - what appeared to be twin stake centers that shared a large parking lot, and another chapel a coupel of blocks away. We stopped for pictures at the Utah / Idaho border, and saw a small herd of bison shortly thereafter.

With Brigham City in the distance my bike went on reserve 5 miles earlier than the previous time. Just as we were getting off I-15 27 miles later, in North Ogden, Randy's bike kept dying and sputtering. He ended up putting 4.4 gallons in the 4.5 gallon tank! I led from Ogden to Orem, and went to Arby's on the way home to buy a salad and Chicken Fingers for Sue. She was watching the 10:00 news as we pulled in after 3111 miles....

Miles covered today: 418
Total miles covered: 3111


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