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Randy and Kerry's 2002 Trip to British Columbia

PREPARATIONS: Fabricating Luggage Racks and Packing

MONDAY and TUESDAY, 20-21 May 2002


I was the "last one up" today. Sue woke me up and got me out of bed so I could do something about breakfast. Part of the solution was to go to Harmon's with Randy, on the motorcycles. The other part was for me to cook up some pancakes.

We spent a few hours working on things that needed to be done on the Black bike. Somewhere in there a lady from Verizon Wireless called, from their identity fraud department. Her name was Victoria, and she gave me some information on what steps I need to take in this whole fraud problem. One of the items required that I receive a fax from her, sign it, and fax it back to her. I told her that I would go to work to use the fax machine there.

Later, "on the way there", I took Randy up Provo Canyon as far as the Deer Creek Reservoir. I showed him my campsite at Nunn's Park, the old avalanche-destroyed building at Bridal Veil Falls, and the Aspen Grove turnoff. (We had to turn around because of construction on the road - maybe another time.)

At work we had to wait for Victoria to get back from lunch. In the meantime Randy and Edgar got to meet & talk to each other. From there we went to Beehive Clothing so Randy could buy some garments, Lowe's for "luggage [rack] bar stock" and some nuts and bolts, and Wal-Mart for some film. We dashed home under some very threatening skies.

After we started to work on the Yellow bike I got to go back to Lowe's to exchange the 3/4" wide bar stock for 1" wide stuff. Randy did the synchronization of the carburetors & other stuff, and we ended by coming up with a plan for how to use the bar stock to mount the luggage.


It's just as well that we were not ready to leave today; it rained off and on all day. More on than off, I would say. But we (Randy) got the bar stock fashioned into 4 segments that are now attached to the Yellow motorcycle and which I think will do a fine job of supporting my NonFango luggage. The first 3 pieces were made by [cutting,] bending, drilling and grinding, but no welding.

For the last segment Randy cut and bent 2 lengths of bar. He might have been able to bolt them to each other, but he felt that welding them together would be better. So we went over to Scott Haines' house around 8:30 in the evening and Randy did the welding and grinding himself. Then we got the bikes all reassembled before coming in for the night.

Earlier today Sue and I borrowed Scott Varner's Toyota Tercel and went shopping. Media Play, Good Earth, Smith's, Borders and then back to Media Play to return something. It was nice to have some time together, and to get some of the things Sue will need while we're gone.

A little later on I made a trip to Monarch Honda to get a pair of bolts for Yellow's gas tank. I also picked up some chain lube. From there I went to Borders to buy the "Yellow Submarine" DVD/video for Sue. I got rained on a little bit on that trip.

Sue made a yummy dinner for us, and after everything was done for the day Randy & I sat down to discuss our plan for tomorrow. It looks like we're going to do the trip in reverse order, and start across Nevada tomorrow. (Today's rain meant SNOW along the northerly route we were going to start with) That's OK - a cool day or two is the best time to cross the desert.

Verizon fraud investigation is complete. Looks like I'm absolved!

[PS - We left the luggage-mounting bar stock segments "natural" during the trip. By the time we got back they had rusted a bit, so I used some Rustoleum rust remover and spray paint to tidy them up.]


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