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Dad and Kerry's 2003 Trip to British Columbia

Day 4 - From Cardston, ALBERTA to Wasa, BRITISH COLUMBIA

SUNDAY, 17 August 2003

I woke up on my own this morning, a little after 7:00. That is, Dad didn't officially wake me up, although I heard him moving around outside. We had a leisurely breakfast, got the tents and gear packed, changed into the Church clothes we brought, and rode over to the chapel at the south end of Cardston (not the stake center after all). We were seated in the 2nd or 3rd pew by 9:45.

The session of stake conference was very good. Pres. Matkin (sp?) conducted and was the first speaker. He talked a little about the challenge that he issued by inspiration, at the previous stake conference, to read the Book of Mormon in the next 6 months. He spoke on several other topics as well. One of his counselors spoke about the Titanic, the brass serpent of Moses, and how the Church today has room enough and to spare "in the lifeboats," and that we need only "look and live" and strive to bring others to Christ. A priest in the stake gave a talk on how family scripture study has been a blessing in his life. An adult sister spoke largely on the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet. A brother related his experience in meeting the challenge from the stake president, and the differences in his life that resulted from reading the Book of Moromon - multiple times! Sister Ardeth Kapp and Brother Kapp (nearing the end of their time here as matron and president of the Cardston Temple) bore their testimonies, and then the visiting Area Authority Seventy spoke last: Elder [?] Funk.

After the session we met up with the Beazer family, who escorted us to their home nearby. We changed our clothes and enjoyed a meal of tacos along with good conversation and the antics of their 4 boys.

We left their place a little after 3:00 (Ouch!) and proceeded to ride about 200 miles. Highways 5 and 6 and then 3 and 93 took us past Waterton Lakes National Park [Map Point # 2], over Crowsnest Pass [Map Point #3] and through Sparwood, Fernie [and] Elko to Wasa [Map Point #4]. We saw a couple of firefighting helicopters take on big buckets of water in the river near Crowsnest Pass and return around the mountain to fight the fires there. Smoke from the fires was with us all day today, and obscured every good view of the mountains and landscape.

After we set up camp...

...we rode into Wasa to get some change and call home. We met a man who was armorer for the police force in his hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta - he and Dad talked a long time about weapons, and we got to tell him about Family History and temple work (which is what Sue said Mom has been doing). Back at our campsite we saw what must have been the Northern Lights before going to our tents.

Miles covered today: 217
Total miles covered: 1197


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